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  • We consider it our task not only to provide our customers and partners with basic knowledge about LED technology, but also to support them with the most important basics of application technology. In ISOLED® Knowledge we summarize everything worth knowing about LEDs and provide instructions, tips & tricks as well as field reports on the correct and above all safe handling of LED components.

  • LED technology is a very complex subject with continuous changes and improvements. Being up to date with the latest knowledge means a head start and competitive advantage.

  • The ISOLED® knowledge is our special service for customers and partners and is available for download free of charge.


Sustainable constant light quality through binning

White is not equal to white! This ISOLED® knowledge describes the necessity of binning in the production of LED chips as well as the binning principle itself.


Intelligent lighting management

Lighting scenes perfectly adapted to usage - easy and cost-effective to implement with DALI.

We show how!


Dimming of LED light sources simply explained

  • Dimmer
  • Phase on or phase off
  • Symbols on dimmers
  • Signal sources

Inrush current limiter

The sustainable, reliable and cost-effective solution!

  • Functionality
  • Dimensioning
  • All advantages

Energy efficiency classes

The entire product range of ISOLED® is subject to the EU directives for LED illuminants (ErP). Here you can find more details and pictures about the energy efficiency classes.


LED flex stripes

Connect correctly and safely!

There are some basic things to consider when installing LED flex stripes. We show you what you should pay attention to when cutting, soldering and connecting LED flex ribbons professionally and safely.


ISOLED®measures the flicker index of all lamps and luminaires with a calibrated flicker meter. Find out why this is so important in this section!

Highline tubes

Innovative and sustainable light with T8 LED tubes!

Product comparison, Conversion instructions, Technical Data, Application tips & tricks.

IP protection class

The IP code number indicates the protection of a housing against contact or ingress of foreign bodies (1st digit) and against ingress of moisture or water (2nd digit).

Photometric quantities

Here we summarize the most important photometric quantities such as luminous flux, luminous intensity and illuminance as well as luminance, luminous efficacy, color temperature and color rendering index.

Precise light lines with profiles

In this issue of ISOLED® Knowledge, we show you how user-friendly and easy on the building fabric our profiles are designed to be by means of assembly instructions for an installation channel.

Apparent power and transformer design

What is apparent power and how many MR11, MR16 or AR111 can be connected to a transformer without causing interference, failures, overheating and defects?

Thermal management

Here you can find out everything about thermal management and what effects it has on the quality of light and quality of life.

Tips for dimming actuators

Advantage through know-how!

Tips, tricks, hints, recommendations and information for the simple, fast and above all problem-free installation of our dimming actuators.

UGR glare factor

The internationally standardized UGR (Unified Glare Rating) method is used for the uniform assessment of psychological glare caused by lighting systems, natural light and light sources from reflective surfaces at the workplace. You can find more information here.

Avoidance of voltage losses

The ISOLED® KNOWLEDGE describes possibilities of the ideal current supply for long light tracks with LED flex stripes to avoid

  • voltage losses,
  • thus light loss and
  • overheating of the LED boards.

Full spectrum

Focus on light quality

  • Authentic color perception
  • Color rendering index
  • Application areas
  • Our full spectrum range

Cove lighting

Linear light with T8 LED tubes!

T8 LED tubes can be installed in cove lighting as an alternative to LED flex strips and used for an indirect, glare- and shadow-free, homogeneous lighting solution.

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