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Custom AssemblyCustom Assembly

Custom Assembly

ISOLED® is the specialist for complex LED lighting solutions and intelligent LED lighting concepts. As a customer-oriented service company, it is our special concern to offer our customers and partners additional added value with our service. The task of packaging is mainly for LED flexstrips and their additional components such as profiles and cooling strips. Focus on your core competencies and leave the professional assembly to us.

Light planingLight planing

LED light planning & calculation

As the fourth dimension of a room, the medium of light is an essential factor in holistic architectural space planning - inside and out. Scientific studies prove the physiological and psychological influence of light on people. That is why it is of utmost importance that just as much attention is paid to lighting design as to building and space planning. 


RMA - Return Merchandise Authorization

As a service-oriented company, it is our special concern to offer our customers and partners additional added value and security. RMA stands for "Return Merchandise (also Material) Authorization" and describes the handling of returns.


OEM/ODM Manufacturing

For the individual production of LED lights, LED illuminants and of course the LED light and LED control technology available. Within the scope of OEM/ODM production (Original Equipment Manufacturer/Original Design Manufacturer) it is thus possible, for example, to produce specific circuit boards with different LED chip assemblies, also optionally with aluminum or plastic processing.

Global sourcingGlobal sourcing

Global Sourcing

ISOLED® thinks and acts globally! In order to be able to offer our customers and partners the best LED products and services in a sustainable and lasting manner at a balanced price-performance ratio, global sourcing has been an essential part of our strategic procurement management from the very beginning.

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