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We sell our LED brand products and services to

  • the specialized and wholesale trade,

  • the trade and craft,

  • commercial bulk buyers and industrial customers,

  • Architects and planners and

  • to municipalities.

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In our ISOLED® online portal you access our products directly, Services and all information about LED technology.

Against the background of the

  • very large LED product variety,

  • the ongoing technical development of LED illuminants and LED components

  • as well as the complexity of the customer-specific requirements

we are at your side with our sales office and field service, both by telephone and in person on site.

The services of our sales staff at a glance

  • Order processing and ongoing support

    Order processing and ongoing support

    Don't think of our field sales representative as just your LED consultant and expert. As a link between you and the head office ISOLED® of course, he will also take care of the following tasks for you

    • the preparation of offers (also project offers),
    • the service handling, the project follow-up.,
    • the training of your sales staff (if required) ,
    • the marketing support,
    • the ongoing presentation of new products,
    • the support of your acquisition and much more!

  • Calculation of economic and ecological efficiency

    Calculation of economic and ecological efficiency

    The use or conversion to LEDs is based on sustainable energy cost savings and environmental friendliness. ISOLED® stands 100% behind LED technology and makes no compromises.

    Our sales representatives will be pleased to calculate the ecological and economic efficiency of each project offer with the help of all measurement data, technical parameters and commercial factors. By means of an amortization calculation, the investment costs can be presented transparently and thus facilitate the economic decision-making process.

  • Checking the technical feasibility

    Technical feasibility check

    All project data collected is checked for technical feasibility as far as possible in close cooperation with ISOLED® product management. After corresponding calculation you will receive your specified offer.

    On request, our price quotations include a product specification for each LED article, which you can also call up at any time in the online portal and download free of charge as a registered user.

  • Lighting design

    Lighting design

    Our LED professionals in the sales field service will be happy to support you with the Lighting design . For complex LED lighting projects that require a professional lighting designer, we will be happy to direct you to the nearest master of his trade in your area.

    Our partner company will take over the task of lighting design/calculation and will provide you with full personal consultation. A LED lighting solution will be put together for you according to your requirement profile.

  • Targeted needs assessment and consulting

    Targeted needs assessment and consulting

    Customized LED lighting solutions and LED lighting concepts require a sound basis consisting of technical parameters, basic architectural requirements as well as all legal or standardized framework conditions of your projects, which must be fulfilled. Many years of experience coupled with a trained eye for detail quickly determine which LED products and services we can offer you with sustainable added value.

  • The sustainable LED lighting concept

    The sustainable LED lighting concept

    Sustainable LED lighting concepts have long been based on scientifically founded findings that describe the ergonomic optimum in terms of the effect of light on people in their respective environment, together with psychological stress/emotional influence.

    This means: "Let there be light" alone is no longer up to date! It is necessary to combine all relevant factors and parameters and to develop and implement a targeted LED lighting concept based on ecological and economic constants.

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