ISOLED® Industry focus


  • summarizes interesting facts about "Intelligent and sustainable LED lighting concepts" for an industry or a specific target group.
  • It will be sent out with our newsletter and then put online here for free download. If you have any questions, requests or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us personally.
  • We will address all important areas, such as:
  • Investment and operating costs
  • Amortization and subsidies
  • Energy and cost efficiency
  • Architectural requirements
  • Standards & industry-specific specifications
  • Features of the ideal LED lighting concept
  • Solutions New developments of LED products
Office lightingOffice lighting

Office lighting

This ISOLED® industry focus will provide you with information on

  • what importance the right LED lighting has for the office living space,
  • how to increase productivity and reduce costs with LED light quality and
  • why you can optimize your energy balance sustainably with ISOLED®.
Hairdresser, Hair Stylist & Makeup ArtistHairdresser, Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

Hairdresser, Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

In addition to the color selection for walls and business equipment, the lighting concept is one of the most important interior design components in your salon.

You should not lose sight of the following four basic aspects when choosing the ideal lighting solution.



Convert to LED and save money immediately. Fast amortization of the investment made, added to the reduction of the current electricity costs, relieves every restaurateur and leads to higher competitiveness.

With a high-quality range of food, drinks, entertainment and much more, stylish and harmonious furnishings with design highlights, a lighting concept tailored to the location and excellent service, it inspires its guests and encourages them to make further regular visits.



Once the light source was considered a consumable item, today the LED light source is regarded as a long-term and fast amortizing investment with focus on energy and cost efficiency. Read here why the hotelier benefits when changing to LED lighting. A hotel business has many different premises and accordingly many different requirements on the lighting. ISOLED® offers a wide range of LED products with over 3.050 items.

Industrial lightingIndustrial lighting

Industrial lighting

In this ISOLED® industry focus you will learn, among other things,

  • why the changeover to intelligent LED industrial lighting concepts from ISOLED® is a big step towards sustainable economic efficiency and furthermore
  • how to use the ISOLED® Light Contracting financing model to pay only for the light you actually need.
Municipalities & communitiesMunicipalities & communities

Municipalities & communities

High energy prices, scarce resources and strict environmental laws demand massive measures to save energy and reduce costs. Our current industry focus serves as an orientation guide for decision makers in local authorities and c

Store lightingStore lighting

Store lighting

The lighting concept is one of the most important interior design components in the salesrooms. In this issue of ISOLED® industry focus you can read about what to look out for in lighting design and what cost savings can be expected when switching to an LED lighting solution from ISOLED®.

Stuccoer & Plasterer/DrywallerStuccoer & Plasterer/Drywaller

Stuccoer & Plasterer/Drywaller

Creative and artistic craftsmanship makes room design a reality and thus forms the basis for innovative architectural lighting. Creative and artistic handicraft realizes room design and thus forms the basis for innovative architectural lighting. Every room, every facade, walls and ceilings - the entire building is harmoniously staged with direct and/or indirect lighting.

Carpenter, furniture maker & kitchen studioCarpenter, furniture maker & kitchen studio

Carpenter, furniture maker & kitchen studio

An atmospheric LED lighting solution transforms every living space into a home. With ISOLED® you become a full-range supplier and fulfill your customers' dreams of living! In this ISOLED® industry focus you will learn how and with what you can inspire and win over your customers immediately.

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