LED lighting ready to plug in

MiniAMP: Plug-and-Play LED Lighting - Fast & Flexible

Quick and safe installation

Quick and safe installation

Reliable, plug-in transformer systems

Reliable, plug-in transformer systems

Flat and space-saving lightweight design

Flat and space-saving lightweight design

No specialized electrical work required

No specialized electrical work required

Ready to plug in quick connector

Ready to plug in quick connector

Hochwertige Dimmer, Sensoren und Zubehör

High quality dimmers, sensors and accessories

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ISOLED® MiniAMP Series: Fast, Flexible, Cost-Efficient LED Lighting Solutions

Based on countless projects and strong demand from customers and partners, we have put together a new range that is specifically designed to meet the requirements for the fast, flexible and cost-efficient realization of LED lighting solutions. The ISOLED® MiniAMP series is supplied with ready-to-connect cabling as standard. This enables quick and safe installation by persons trained in electrical engineering. The range includes recessed and surface-mounted luminaires, flexbands, the corresponding controllers, transformers and dimmers as well as a comprehensive range of accessories for installing the LED lighting yourself.

LED Lighting Ready to Plug In - Fast, Flexible, and Cost-Efficient

MiniAMP is a ready-to-plug-in LED lighting range specially designed for joiners/carpenters, kitchen fitters, furniture makers, and craftsmen. The range includes recessed and surface-mounted lights, flexbands, transformers, dimmers, sensors, profiles - in other words, a wide variety of LED lighting for quick and safe installation that can be carried out by persons with electrical training. The flat and space-saving lightweight design enables countless possible applications for lighting concepts for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and much more. We also customize LED profiles, flexbands, and light building elements/luminaires according to your requirements.

Always the Right Light for Your Rooms!

For optimum living room lighting, recessed lights can be used as ceiling lighting and LED flex strips, including aluminum profile for shelf lighting as well as indirect lighting. With a dimmer, transformer, and table remote control, the light can be controlled from the couch.

In the kitchen, work surfaces and drawers should be well lit. Under-cabinet lights can be installed under the worktop. LED drawer lighting can also be realized using flexible strips that are controlled by a contact sensor.

For harmonious bedroom lighting, MiniAMP can be used in the wall paneling as indirect light and with the recessed lights as lighting for the bedside table. The right LED plinth lighting can also visually enhance a bedroom. MiniAMP can also be used to create wardrobe lighting using a PIR sensor + touch dimmer.

MiniAMP is a ready-to-use LED lighting range that is also suitable for use in bathrooms for allibert and mirror lighting or in showrooms for cove and display cabinet lighting.

Ready-to-Use LED Lighting - Wide Range

Product compatibility and design diversity - We offer countless LED recessed spotlights for 90mm, 68mm, 63mm, 59mm, 58mm, 55mm, 50mm, 44mm, 26mm, and 16mm hole cut-outs. Our LED SYS-68 recessed spotlights, for example, are available with 13 different covers ranging from matt white to nickel and brushed gold and are also suitable for outdoor, wet room, and damp room use. This series is therefore also ideal for use as an LED recessed wall light in outdoor areas with round and square covers in white, black, and grey.

The recessed and under-cabinet lights are available for 44mm, 49mm, 50mm, and 64mm hole cut-outs and can be installed in kitchen cabinets for kitchen lighting, for example. Depending on requirements, recessed lights are available in white, black, silver, matt, in warm, cool, or neutral white color temperatures and in dimmable versions.

Our MiniAMP range includes LED flexible strips in 12V or 24V versions with standard lengths of 1.2m, 2.5m, or 5m. We offer both single-color and dynamic white flexbands with 87-111 lumens per watt. These flexbands are equipped with a 30cm cable and plugs on both sides. ISOLED® offers a huge range of LED flexbands - all LED flexbands can be assembled ready to plug in. The range is rounded off with illuminated corner connectors.

Transformers and control units complete the range to fulfill every application. The range includes contact sensors, wipe sensors, motion detectors, touch dimmers, and capacitive sensors to control the under-cabinet lights in the kitchen cupboard. The capacitive sensor is installed in the kitchen cabinet. The light source is switched on and off with a light touch of the finger on the kitchen cabinet.

A large selection of LED aluminum profiles rounds off the range. We offer a total of 76 different LED profiles with white/matt, clear, frosted, opal/satinised, and black/matt covers.

Assembly of LED Profiles, Flexbands & Light Building Elements/Luminaires

Our experienced production staff provide the following services reliably and professionally at ESD-protected (ESD = electrostatic discharge) workstations (all customized to customer specifications):

  • LED flex strips cut to size
  • Cutting LED cooling strips to size
  • Soldering and connecting the LED flex tapes with connectors
  • Cutting profiles for LED flexible strips
  • Gluing LED flexible strips into profiles
  • Attaching feeders, end caps, and cabling

Finally, the LED systems are function-tested. This saves you valuable working time, allows you to start installation immediately and gives you the certainty that your LED lighting is working properly and safely.

Ready-to-Connect LED Lighting - Without Specialized Electrical Work

MiniAMP is the solution for joiners/carpenters, furniture makers, kitchen fitters, and anyone who wants to combine light and craftsmanship. Our solution offers reliable, ready-to-connect transformer systems, high-quality dimmers, sensors, and accessories, quick and safe installation, and a flat, space-saving lightweight construction. All LED products in this range have a quick plug-in connection, so no specialized electrical work is required. We will be happy to advise you!

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