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LED Lighting Solutions: Panels for Office, School, and Industry

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Glare-free, Activating, and Vitalising LED Panels

For a perfect visual ambiance, our large LED panels create diffuse, glare-free light with high luminous efficacy and color temperatures ranging from neutral to warm white. Whether integrated into a grid ceiling or as an individual panel, our range has the right luminaire for every room. LED panels are dimmable and can be used perfectly as office lighting.

Large Range of LED Panels for Offices, Workplaces, Trade, and Industry

We offer you a large selection of LED panels with a grid size of 600 (595x595mm), LEDs for 625 grid ceilings (620x620mm), and panels with a grid size of 1200x300 (1295x295mm). For these dimensions, we offer various series that are ideal for offices, schools, and business premises. These include particularly high-quality LED panels with high lumen output, panels with an excellent price/performance ratio, and panels for decorative use. They are available in neutral white and warm white color temperatures. Two LED panels in the HCL Line are also available in RGB+W/CCT.

Glare-reduced LED Panels UGR<19

The UGR guideline values are particularly interesting for LED panels. They are regulated in the European standard EN 12464 and are recommended, for example, for:

  • Technical drawing UGR <16
  • Working on a PC, reading and writing, school facilities UGR <19
  • Trade and industry UGR <22
  • Halls UGR <28

However, the manufacturer's specifications for an LED panel with UGR<19 were calculated in a standardized room with defined dimensions and certain degrees of reflection. Although the UGR value is indicative, a professional lighting calculation should always be carried out for lighting projects to be on the safe side. Find out more about UGR in this short video!

LED Panel 620x620 Grid Size for Grid Ceiling Lighting

Our entire range of LED panels is available in 620x620 grid dimensions. We also offer a wide range of panels with 1200 x 300 and 600 x 600 grid dimensions. The majority of LED panels are dimmable and are supplied with an external transformer. Technical data and details on lumens, watts, dimmability, control, dimensions, etc. can be found in the data sheet for each product.

Professional - Glare-reduced LED Office Lighting

The PROFESSIONAL LINE UGR<19 4H/8H LED panels are ideal for large office spaces. They are supplied with an external transformer, offer a service life of 50,000 hours, and have a white frame. The Professional Line LED panels achieve up to 150 lumens per watt.

Business - High Lumen Output for Schools, Offices, etc.

The BUSINESS LINE LED panels have a UGR<19 2H/2H and offer a high lumen output. This bright panel is, therefore, perfect for lighting in schools or offices. The BUSINESS LINE is supplied with an external transformer, is available with a frame in white or silver, and has a service life of 50,000 hours. We also offer a 5-year guarantee.

Backlight - LED Panels with Outstanding Price/Performance Ratio

The LED panels in the BACKLIGHT series are characterized by their excellent price/performance ratio and can be used universally. The LED panels have a UGR <19 8H/8H and offer a service life of 50,000 hours.

Decorative or Frameless LED Panels

Our frameless LED panels from the FRAMELESS line and the decorative panels can be used as a decorative highlight in business premises! The frameless LED panels can also be enhanced with informative (e.g., company logo) or decorative printed self-adhesive films.

Well-being and Increased Attention through Intelligent Lighting Control

HCL - Human Centric Lighting is the umbrella term for technologies such as biodynamic light, sunset dimming to warm and CCT or white dynamic lighting. People are strongly influenced by daylight. We perceive the warm white light at sunrise, for example, as cozy and relaxing. During the course of the day, the blue component of sunlight increases, which stimulates the production of the hormone melatonin and inhibits tiredness. In the evening, the proportion decreases again, which promotes a good night's sleep. This natural course of daylight can also be simulated with LED panels, for example to increase the attention threshold for the afternoon hours in the office after the lunch break with "cold lighting". Other areas of application include:

  • Hospital/ Nursing home - Health centre
  • Educational centre - Optimal learning, high level of attention
  • Means of transport - comfort and relaxation
  • Hotel / Wellness - Sleep and relaxation
  • Therapy - recovery
  • Sport - High performance and concentration

Find out more about Human Centric Lighting and its control in our knowledge PDF!

Simple Control and Installation

Our modern LED panels can be dimmed as required using 1-10V, DALI, or KNX. Recessed ceiling mounting with retaining springs, surface-mounted ceiling mounting with wire suspension, mounting with surface-mounted frame, and mounting with a recessed frame are all possible. The accessories are available for the 600, 625, and 1200 series. LED panels can be extended with a plug-in emergency power battery module. This provides an emergency power supply for at least three hours at 400 mA. This is particularly useful for emergency lighting of building corridors, for example.

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