SYS-PRO series

SYS-PRO Series: Professional LED Control Technology

Comprehensive Controller + TRIAC/PWM Dimmer System

Radio range
up to 30 meters

Each receiver =
Repeater (Mesh!)

Integrate smarthome with ZigBEE


With memory + scene functions

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SYS-PRO - Integrated LED lighting and control system The 2.4 GHz radio wave network of the Sys-Pro components generally extends up to 30 metres under optimum conditions. However, the following points should be observed to ensure optimum reception of the control commands: Do not place the radio receiver in corners or angles! The clearer and more open the surroundings, the better the reception. Do not place radio receivers in the immediate vicinity of transformers or other live cables, as their electromagnetic radiation during operation can significantly interfere with reception. If radio transmitters or wall-mounted remote controls are placed in recessed boxes, neither the recessed box nor the push-button of the switch programme should be made of metal and - in the case of cavity walls - the installation location should not be directly or in the immediate vicinity of a metal drywall profile strut. If faults occur in connection with battery-operated remote controls, please check the charge status of the button cell and replace it in good time. A functioning mesh network, i.e. the transmission of the incoming radio control signal from one receiver to the next, can in principle only be guaranteed between one and the same receivers. In principle, all Sys-Pro PWM dimmers operate with a flicker-free frequency of 500Hz. If the upstream transformer starts to "hum" when dimming (this is due to the coils and chokes built into the transformer), we recommend selecting a multi-PWM dimmer (art. no. 114433, 114434) with which the operating frequency can be set to a level that does not cause any interference (250Hz, 500Hz, 2kHz or 8kHz). Details Radio frequency 2.4 GHZ Wifi networks are not disturbed as only short radio pulses are transmitted. All radio receivers act as so-called mesh transceivers, i.e. they transmit the incoming signal again within a radius of up to 30 metres. Each individual receiver can be paired with up to 10 different remote controls or 10 zones. A remote control can control any number of receivers as long as they are within the transmission range of the remote control or the receivers receive the forwarded signal from the remote control via intermediate mesh transceivers after pairing has been completed. Standard PWM frequency 500Hz (adjustable for multi-PWM dimmers to 8kHz, 2kHz, 500Hz, 250Hz). Both a remote control and an ISO SYS-PRO APP for Android and iOS can be used for control - available in German, English, French, Italian and Hungarian. With the exception of the zones or room photos, all settings, scenes and timers made in the ISO SYS PRO app are transferred to any other smartphone that connects to the bridge. Access to the Bridge can be password-protected. ISOLED® is the partner for trade, industry and crafts. Contact us if you have any questions about LED control - we will be happy to advise you!
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