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LED Transformers: Reliable Power Supply for Your LED Technology

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Special Features of LED Transformers Explained Simply

Constant Current Transformers (CC - Constant Current)

Constant current transformers provide a constant current output (partially adjustable) and a variable voltage output. They can be used as supplied components or as alternatives/replacements for existing external transformers (drivers/ballasts) for operating LED chips in downlights, panels, recessed spotlights, etc.

Alternating Current Transformers (AC - Alternating Current)

Alternating current transformers deliver a constant 12 V voltage at the output and a variable output current for operating 12 V lamps/spots. They include at least one integrated resistor for current limitation and an integrated rectifier circuit that converts AC voltage into a DC voltage suitable for operating LEDs. When using AC voltage with LEDs, reactive power is generated. Dimmability is a special feature of our two AC transformers (art. no. 111213, 112669), and no minimum load is required.

Caution: When using a TRIAC (leading or trailing edge phase control) dimming actuator upstream of these transformers, the reactive power can increase during dimming. Understanding this fact is crucial for optimal usage.

Direct Current Transformers (DC - Direct Current)

Direct current transformers offer a constant voltage output (partially adjustable) of 12, 24, or 48 V and variable output current. They are suitable for operating 12 V lamps/spots and stripes, containing LEDs and at least one resistor for current limitation (or IC for current adjustment in the case of our CC series LED flexbands).

Please Note:

  • Up to 145 lumens per watt (GR series) and up to 165 lumens per watt (HE series)
  • Never operate LED transformers up to their power limits; ideally, allow for a power reserve of approximately 20%.
  • Operate all transformers and control gear within their parameters for ambient temperature and protection class.
  • Do not cover transformers with thermal insulation materials and maintain a sufficient distance between them.
  • Energize each transformer only when all components are connected. Avoid manipulations during operation, always disconnect the supply voltage beforehand.

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