3-Phase Rail system

3-Phase Rail System: Versatility and Quality in One System

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The 3-phase track system allows for a wide range of LED lighting concepts through LED track spotlights. Especially in commercial applications, such as accentuating object lighting or providing indirect room lighting (workspaces, lounges, etc.), track systems are frequently used. The 3-phase track system is expandable without limitations (high-quality connector assortment) and can be equipped with a wide selection of high-quality LED track spotlights.

3-Phase LED Track Spotlights - Assortment

Our assortment includes numerous LED spotlights in black or white. Among them are models with specific color spectra for food such as fruits, meat, bread, fish, which highlight the products optimally. Additionally, we offer track spotlights with various beam angles, as well as grid track spotlights or 3-phase linear lights that perfectly illuminate your products in any situation.

  • Focusable full-spectrum (CRI 98) 3-phase track spotlights 20°-70°
  • 3-phase track spotlights 38°, 60°, CRI 90
  • 3-phase grid track spotlights
  • Particularly slim and elegant 3-phase spotlights 20°-55°, focusable (also dimmable)
  • Dimmable 3-phase spotlights, 30°-50°, CRI 92, (also DALI dimmable)
  • 3-phase linear lights 60cm or 120cm
  • Focusable 3-phase spotlights 20°-70° for food (color reproduction tailored for meat, bread, fruits, …)

The LED track spotlights are offered in cool white, neutral white, or warm white, depending on the product. An integrated driver also ensures optimized heat management, better weight distribution, and high-quality housing optics.

Accessories for the 3-Phase Track System

  • Adapters for GU10 spots
  • Adapters for hanging and pendant lights
  • Linear connectors, L-connectors, T-connectors, X-connectors, flexible connectors
  • Wire suspensions, end caps, adapters (mechanical, universal, monotrack), and much more!

3-Phase Track Rails - Versatile and Compatible

Our 3-phase track system assortment includes track rails in black or white. The ISOLED® Classic series is universally applicable and also available in a recessed variant. The ISOLED® S1 series is slightly more affordable and impresses with its elegant design. Both track systems are also compatible with many LED track spotlights from other manufacturers, such as Erco, Eutrac, Zumtobel, or Global.


Connection Schemes - Maximum Connection Power

Connection to 1-phase alternating current 230V AC theoretically allows a maximum load of 16A in total (5.3 per conductor), i.e., a connection power of 3,680W that can be distributed among three circuits (3x1,1223W). This installation is recommended.

Connection to 3-phase alternating current 230V AC theoretically allows a maximum load of 48A (16A per conductor), i.e., a connection power of 11,040W that can be distributed among three circuits (3x3,680W). However, this installation is not advisable.

Easy Installation of LED Track Spotlights

The position of the 3-phase track spotlights is interchangeable at any time; they are 350° rotatable and pivotable to precisely align store lighting and create highlights.

Installing the LED Track Spotlights

  1. 1. During installation, pay attention to the guide groove for the spotlight. The guide of the adapter (on the spotlight) must fit precisely into the guide.
  2. 2. Once the spotlight is in the track, it can be adjusted and secured with the locking lever.
  3. 3. Now, the desired phase can be set on the adapter's rotary switch.

Removing the LED Track Spotlights

The 3-phase track spotlight can be quickly, easily, and without tools placed at another location on the three-phase track.

  1. 1. Set the phase rotary switch on the adapter to position 0.
  2. 2. Release the locking lever of the track spotlight.
  3. 3. Tilt the spotlight gently to move the locking lever away from the track. This will release the clips in the track, and the spotlight can be easily removed.

3-Phase Track System Complete Set for Optimal Lighting

ISOLED® is the partner for commerce, architects, planners, and industry. We are happy to advise you and plan with you the optimal lighting for sales rooms, shop windows, a showroom, or anywhere else where a track spotlight should showcase products gently.

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