Be yourself and take advantage of the opportunity to talk to us. Every question deserves an answer.

Application procedure at ISOLED®


On job posting or initiative


receipt of application


your application


Followed within 1-3 business days

In-person interview

In person or via Microsoft Teams, depending on the position

Second interview

If necessary, depending on the position

Sample day

Insight into the tasks, the team and the atmosphere

Contract offer

Congratulations! Welcome to the team.

Tips for your job interview

Application documents

Complete application documents count towards the first impression. This includes a cover letter, a resume with a photo, and ideally you can document each station with a reference. Your salary expectations and possible starting date are also important information for us. Our tip: Have the application documents proofread by a second person.

Preparation is everything

If you want to start at ISOLED®, you should also know why. Find out about our company and ask yourself if you can identify with our philosophy and the product.

Have fun

A first step towards going full throttle. We want to get to know you better during the first interview and get an authentic first impression of you. Tell us about your personal experiences, qualifications and knowledge. Have fun and get to know our world of ISOLED® better!

Be yourself

We want you to feel comfortable at the interview - a business suit is not necessary. Our tip: Choose an outfit that suits you. A well-groomed appearance is, of course, an important prerequisite.

Are you nervous?

We know that a job interview is not an everyday situation. Being nervous at an interview is completely normal and has never made the difference between an acceptance or rejection.

Be curious

A respectful interaction is very important to us. Take the opportunity to exchange ideas with us in conversation. Don't be afraid to ask questions - your interest shows us your motivation.

Your contact person

Claudia Baldessarini
Head of Human Resources

Tel.: +43 676 841 334 844

Egerbach 48 | A-6334 Schwoich

What our employees say

„I like the independent work with a lot of freedom for my own ideas and our wide and high-quality product range. Every day I feel a culture of open doors that is actually lived and the family atmosphere among each other, from the managing director to the help in the warehouse. A company where you are perceived as a person and not just as an employee.“

– Waldemar Rau Territory Sales Manager

„I like the fact that I take on responsibility - that's how I keep developing. I experience strong cohesion and think our employees make the difference.“

– Sinisa Petric Team Leader Sales Field Service Austria
„What I like about my work at ISOLED is that every day brings new challenges and I can constantly dedicate myself to new things and develop myself in this way. Boredom or a rut are foreign words here. This can only be mastered with colleagues who lend a hand, and we have them!“

– Martin Wirsam Head of Operations
„I spend most of my time in direct contact with clients. No two days are the same, every day is a new challenge and that makes me grow. The great working atmosphere is additionally motivating!“

– Sevval Simsek Internal sales
„My daily tasks are very varied. Qualitative, precise performance generates positive feedback, which motivates us. I like the support and the emphatic atmosphere. What we do here is unique!“

– Florian Varga Warehouse staff
„UNITED WE STAND - together we are strong.this principle is lived at ISOLED!a team of people who successfully pursue a common goal every day, love & live what they create.the company offers an excellent combination of goal-oriented structure & human the field I am supported in my daily work by trained, warm colleagues & open-hearted managers, which motivates me every day anew to give the best for the I was allowed to learn: success is really no coincidence!“

– Vanjo Loy Territory Sales Manager
„I really like the transparency, the cooperation, the joint development of solutions and the enormous diversity of our product range. Working at Isoled is special because everyone is there for everyone else! Cogwheels that mesh excellently despite the distance. I experience trust, appreciation and a familiar environment."

– Nino Lücke Territory Sales Manager
„I started at ISOLED 9 years ago as a young professional and have been managing my own department for almost 2 years. At ISOLED, everyone is promoted and everyone gets the chance to climb the career ladder. I don't want to leave the company until I retire."

– Bianca Gfäller Head of Finance & Administration
„My work at ISOLED is more than just a "job" for me, it is my vocation“.

– Helmut Zink Leader Sales Field Service Bavaria
„I like the togetherness in this very human company. Thanks to the motivated and helpful ISOLED team, we can do more than others. With our products, we offer our customers a cost-effective way to use LEDs everywhere at a super quality.“

– Thomas Fischer Head of Sales Field Service Switzerland
„I gave 100% from day one and that was appreciated. If you want, you get all the opportunities in this company. If you love what you do, everything will be easier.“

– Dawid Bober Camp management Hungary
„I find the dynamics and personality of our company unique. We are a big family that solves a big common task in close cooperation. Sometimes there can be a "squeak" in the gearwheel - then we look for a solution together. Communication is clear and honest. What I also appreciate is the closeness to the company management and the fact that they are fully involved and always have "an open door.“

– Susanne Thamer Business Unit Leitung
„I am proud to be part of a complex wheelwork to achieve a common goal - the success of the company, i.e. our success. The company gives us responsibility and trust. Respect, friendship, cooperation and acceptance. "Team Italia"“

– Luigi Iacovetti International Sales Manager

„The key is not to learn values, but to live them! This has been my mission for 9 years - every day.“

– Jonas Claussen Managing Director/COO ISOLED Switzerland
„We all pull together. Arriving at our headquarters in Austria is simply beautiful. We laugh together but we also fight together for success. Everyone gets their chance. Mistakes are allowed to be made. You don't pay attention to how many hours you work a day, it's just fun. Supervisors listen to the employees' concerns. Loyalty is recognised.“

– Joachim Kolles Territory Sales Manager

„We have the opportunity to get involved and can grow with the company and develop our personality! What I particularly like is that we pursue goals - that motivates a lot!“

– Vanessa Mehanovic Internal sales
„I don't know any employer where the "WE" is lived like here. You feel comfortable from day one and everyone makes you feel welcome. You are not left alone with questions here, but everyone tries to help you in word and deed within the scope of their possibilities. People know each other here and the management always has an open ear and a friendly word for everyone. I would like to follow the path that ISOLED has taken and contribute my share to its success."

– Volker Schöck Territory Sales Manager

„The quality, variety and availability of the products are outstanding. On top of that, there is the personal service. The customers are satisfied and so are the employees.“

– Roman Illmeyer Territory Sales Manager
„I like the free and independent work. We also sell great products - everyone needs light! I experience fairness and openness. Our flat hierarchies make it possible to make quick decisions.“

– Tino Eiermann Territory Sales Manager
„I love building business relationships and realising great projects. I appreciate the flexible working hours and the strong cohesion in the company. I never felt like I really enjoyed going into work in the past until I ended up here. Thank you!"

– Alexander Troger Internal sales
„The best thing about my job in the field service are the new, entertaining and surprising situations every day, as well as always new facets of interpersonal communication. Through the close cooperation with other teams and companies, I get to know completely new subject areas and fields of work.“

– Sebastian Gasser Territory Sales Manager
„Behind me is a great company where the term family business can be taken literally. A great, strong team in which everyone, no matter what position, stands up for the others. Successes are always achieved together.“

– Dennis Zühlke Team Leader Sales Field Service Northern Germany
„Since my first day, I have appreciated the collegial and friendly interaction in the company. Our products, processes and systems have constantly evolved. Even after almost 10 years with the company, I am still sure that I have taken the right path.“

– Alexander Ruck Territory Sales Manager
"ISOLED® is a dynamic company with growth ambitions. Anyone who wants to can take on responsibility and make a big difference in their area. This is what makes working at ISOLED® so exciting. Besides the job itself, ISOLED® convinces with its employee events and other great benefits."

– Lukas Gschwentner Team Leader Digital Marketing
„I get support from all sides and experience the highest appreciation. That motivates me!“

– Mihaela Chita Internal sales
"I am connected with ISOLED by the following enriching experiences and convictions, which I value infinitely:
I = Innovative, modern company with vision.
S = Social behavior with team spirit
0 = Open ear for all concerns whether products, processes or changes
L = Love of implementation and doing. Quick goal-oriented action
E = Engagement with heart and soul in all areas and levels
D = Determination for structure, renewal and cooperation.
My personal quote, my guiding principle: "Your own attitude and will are decisive. They lead and guide you."

– Klaudia Knerer Territory Sales Managerin


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