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Versatile LED Lighting Solutions for Every Need

ISOLED® flexbands represent a comprehensive range of LED lighting solutions that impress with their remarkable versatility. The product range extends from waterproof outdoor flexbands to heat-resistant variants and LED strips with a particularly good price/performance ratio for indoor and outdoor use. Our flex tapes fulfill the most diverse requirements and offer innovative solutions for a wide range of applications.

The outstanding feature of ISOLED® flex strips is their robust conductor paths, which reduce voltage drop, and the high-quality components, which lower power consumption and significantly reduce heat generation on the circuit boards. The homogeneous light lines without visible light spots, a frequently expressed customer request, are realized by the high chip density of the flex tapes. ISOLED® flexbands are therefore truly exceptional talents that offer a wealth of possible applications, whether in LED home lighting, LED bathroom lighting, and much more, where linear lights need to be harmoniously integrated into the architecture.

Individual Customization for Tailor-Made Solutions

Our dedicated team at ISOLED® specializes in developing complex LED lighting solutions and intelligent LED lighting concepts. As a customer-orientated service company, we attach particular importance to offering our customers and partners real added value through additional services. The assembly of LED strips and the associated components, such as profiles and cooling strips, is one of our core tasks. We invite you to concentrate on your core competences while we take care of the professional assembly.

Our services include:

  • Cutting LED strips to size
  • Soldering and connecting LED strips with professional connectors
  • Production of LED cooling strips
  • Cutting profiles for LED strips
  • Attaching feeders and end caps
  • Integration of strips into profiles

ISOLED® is your reliable partner for customized LED lighting solutions, where quality and service come first.

Our Flexband Range at a Glance ISOLED®

Aqua Series LED Flexbands: Waterproof and Outdoor-Ready

The ISOLED® Aqua Series offers outstanding waterproofing (IP67 to IP68) and is specially designed for outdoor use. Perfectly suited for swimming pools, wellness areas, aquariums, ship and boat fittings as well as parks and driveways.

Neon Series LED Flexbands: Powerful Lighting with Flexibility

The ISOLED® Neon Series LED Flexbands impress with up to 600 lumens per meter, a bending radius of ≥ 1 cm, and absolutely homogeneous light lines. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, they offer flexibility and easy customization thanks to the kit supplied. Perfectly suited for shop & trade fair construction, advertising lighting / illuminated advertising, shop & retail, home decor, as well as light/sun protection & shading.

NEON Professional Custom: Customized LED Flexbands for the Highest Demands

The NEON Professional Custom Series offers customized LED Flexbands with a bending radius of 50 to 300 mm and temperature resistance from -25°C to 60°C. With a selection of profiles, mounting brackets, and end caps, they enable the creative design of light strips for architecture, advertising, retail, ship and boat interiors, and parks.

Constant Current Series: Innovative Chip Energization for Uniform Brightness

The Constant Current Series is characterized by the innovative Constant Current technology and guarantees a constant chip current for a longer service life. Ideal for escalators, foyers, reception areas, cove and stucco lighting as well as hotels and restaurants.

HEQ Series: Maximum Luminous Efficacy and Efficiency for Technical Applications

The HEQ Series offers extreme efficiency with up to 4,700 lumens per meter and 216 lumens per watt. Ideal for offices, furniture and kitchen construction, reception areas, surgeries, and technical rooms.

High Temperature Series: LED Flexbands for Extreme Heat and Water Resistance

The High Temperature Series offers LED flexbands with silicone encapsulation for extreme heat conditions up to 90°C. Ideal for saunas, swimming pools, wellness areas, aquariums, ship and boat interiors, and parks.

COB Linear Series: Extreme Chip Density for Homogeneous Light Lines

The COB Linear Series presents flexible strips with up to 896 LEDs/meter and a unique COB coating technology for homogeneous light lines. Ideal for linear accent lighting in indoor and outdoor areas.

LINEAR CRI90+ Series: Homogeneous Light Paths with Optimum Color Rendering

The LINEAR CRI90+ Series offers minimal pitch spacing for homogeneous light paths without visible light points. Ideal for hotels, restaurants, event venues, foyers, corridors, light/sun protection, and shading.

High-Quality 12V Flexbands: Perfect Lighting Solutions

Our high-quality 12V flex tapes are the perfect choice for your lighting requirements. Whether indoors or outdoors - our flexbands guarantee impressive and effective lighting.

MiniAMP Flexbands: Ready-to-Plug-In Solution for Homogeneous Light Lines

The MiniAMP Flexbands offer plug-in connection with 30 cm cable on both sides and innovative 2-pole CCT technology. Ideal for roof trusses, façades, balconies, cove/stucco lighting, escalators, foyers, and event venues.

MICRO Series: Ultra-Slim LED Flexbands for Stylish Design

The MICRO Series offers ultra-narrow LED flexbands (4-8 mm wide) for creative solutions. Ideal for shop windows, home décor, furniture construction, advertising lighting, and catering.

Digitally Controllable LED Flexbands: Dynamic Effects

Flexbands with any controllable chip (WS2815) for dynamic effects. Ideal for shop windows, bars, TV (ambient light), machine signaling.

Special Applications: Versatile Flexbands for Special Needs

Our flexbands for special applications offer unique wavelength ranges and fulfill a wide range of requirements for different LED projects.

SIL IP66 Series: Flexible Tapes with Silicone Protection for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Economical flexible tapes from the SIL IP66 series offer an excellent price-performance ratio with silicone protection for the LED chips. Ideal for home décor, stairs, light/sun protection, technical rooms, as well as ship and boat fittings.

SIL IP20 Series: High-Quality, Uncoated Flexible Tapes

The SIL IP20 series offers an excellent price-performance ratio without silicone coating. Ideal for home decor, shop windows, furniture and kitchen construction, cove/stucco lighting, and advertising lighting.

Flexband Accessories: Optimum Equipment for LED Projects

Our Flexband accessories are crucial to the success of your LED projects. Our wide range ensures simple and efficient installation. Whether indoors or outdoors - our accessories guarantee professional integration of your flexbands.

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