Neon series

Neon Series LED Flexible Strips for Homogeneous Light Lines


Horizontally and vertically bendable
Bending radius 60 mm


Absolutely homogeneous light lines, 90° beam angle


In polythethylene/silicone sheath with 8 - 12 mm height


Highest power in lumens/meter in its class

Neon Serie
LM/M: 240 – 600 W/M: 9,6 – 14,4 LM/W: 25 – 60 M/RLL: 2,8 – 5
LED/M: 140 – 240
PROTECTION CLASS: IP66 WIDTH: 4 - 13 mm WD | RGB: 3.000 – 5.000 K




Absolutely homogeneous, decorative and bendable light lines for inside and outside use. The included fixing kit with assembly clamps, end caps and sealant as well as the cutting points visible on the side allow custom cutting, adjustment and the creation of highly effective lighting tracks.

Our neon flex stripes are the highest light intensity units in the class so far.

Shop and trade fair construc­tion

Shop and trade
fair construc­tion

Adver­tising light­ing

Adver­tising light­ing

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Shop & Retail

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Home Dekor

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protec­tion & shade

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