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We stock LED light sources with all common plug and screw socket types as standard. Whether for replacing conventional light sources (such as incandescent bulbs, halogen, or energy-saving lamps) with LED light sources or for complete new installations - choose the socket type, power, light intensity, and color, and we will deliver the desired ISOLED® branded product to you. Durable and powerful, high color rendering index, designed for commercial use, and guaranteed top quality at a fair price. LED light sources with all socket types in stock and available for immediate delivery!

LED Light Sources - Countless Advantages of LED Technology

LED light sources from ISOLED® are

  • energy-saving
  • less maintenance and replacement costs
  • more efficient

Compared to traditional lamps, LED light sources achieve

  • 90% savings compared to incandescent bulbs
  • 60% savings compared to halogen lamps
  • and 10% savings compared to energy-saving lamps

The fact that LED light sources require 90% less wattage than incandescent bulbs is due to the inefficiency of incandescent bulbs, which convert only 5% of the consumed energy into light - LED technology is much more efficient here. When converting, the wattage ratings should not be compared - the lumen value is much more important to achieve comparable brightness when replacing a luminaire. Additionally, they have a significantly longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs, halogen lamps, and energy-saving lamps combined!

Overview of LED Light Source Sockets and Features

At ISOLED®, you will find a wide selection of LED light sources with common as well as special sockets/types for both private and commercial use. Our LED light sources cover the following light colors.

  • Ultrawarm - (e.g., 2200K) for relaxing accent lighting
  • Warm White - (2700 or 3000 Kelvin) for pleasant mood lighting
  • Neutral White - (4000 Kelvin) for neutral general lighting
  • Cool White - (6000 Kelvin) for activating lighting
  • or RGB + 3000K

A high CRI (RA) value, also known as the color rendering index, makes the lighting of LED lamps appear more natural. Most of our LED light sources are dimmable, catering to various usage scenarios. For example, two selected GU10 spotlights have a Dim-to-Warm function - when dimmed, the light color gradually becomes warmer, down to Ultrawarm 2200 Kelvin.

GU10 LED Light Sources (230V)

GU10 light sources have a pin base and are a good replacement for halogen spots. In our range, GU10 luminaires are available with different beam angles (e.g., 36 or 60°) and light colors, ensuring versatile applications. GU10 light sources are ideal for product presentation in commercial environments, such as shop windows. They are also suitable for living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Particularly, the Dim-to-Warm GU10 luminaires from ISOLED® can be used for special lighting concepts.

GU5.3 - MR16 LED Light Sources (12V)

GU5.3 stands for a pin distance of 5.3mm, MR16 for the 16/8 inch (51mm) diameter of the reflector. Here, you will find GU5.3 or MR16 spotlights with different beam angles and color temperatures in the assortment. One variant stands out with its transparent surface and a beam angle of 270°. Most are dimmable in the range of 0-100%. GU5.3 or MR16 spotlights are ideal for recessed and surface-mounted luminaires.

GU4-MR11 (12V) LED Light Sources

GU4-MR11 spotlights have a pin distance of 4 mm and a reflector diameter of 35 mm. They mainly differ in different beam angles of 30°, 38°, or 120°. Being much smaller than, for example, GU10 light sources, they can be used more discreetly and space-savingly in lighting concepts, such as in the living room or bedroom.

G4 LED Light Sources (12V)

G4 light sources are small and compact. They are ideal for use as LED furniture lighting, whether as under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen or as decorative lighting in the living room cabinet or in display cases. There are two variants of G4 LED light sources: either a very flat G4 light source with a beam angle of 180° or one that is illuminated all around and has a beam angle of 360°.

E27 LED Bulb (230V)

The E27 LED light source is often referred to as an LED bulb due to its shape, reminiscent of the familiar incandescent bulb. The E27 LED bulb has a screw thread as a base, the classic incandescent bulb base. In the ISOLED® light source range, E27 luminaires are available in bulb and drop shapes, as well as E27 Corn light sources, which, due to their shape, resemble a corn cob.

LED Vintage Light Sources (230V)

You will find a large assortment of vintage light sources with E27 sockets (occasionally E14) at ISOLED®. These retro-look lights are dimmable, available in Ultrawarm White and Warm White, and are ideal for use as pleasant accent lighting. To achieve the right atmosphere with vintage LED lamps, the shape of the luminaires (bulbs, deco bulbs, line, bulb, candle, waterdrop, spiral bulb, Edison bulb, ...) and the glass surface (e.g., gray-blue, amber, ...) vary. ISOLED®'s vintage LED lights can create a pleasant atmosphere in restaurants, lounges, bars, hotels, or private living areas.

E14 LED Bulb/Candle (230V)

The E14 LED light source can indeed be called an LED bulb or candle due to its shape. E14 is the smaller version of the E27 LED light source and is very versatile due to the common screw thread as a base. In the ISOLED® light source assortment, dimmable E14 LED light sources are available in Cool White, Neutral White, Warm White, and Ultrawarm White. E14 light sources are available in candle, bulb, or bulb shapes and can be used extensively, for example, for desk lamps or candle lamps and chandeliers.

PAR30/38 LED Light Sources (230V)

PAR30/38 light sources also have the common E27 socket. Due to the large reflector diameter (63.5mm or 120.6mm), a higher light output can be achieved. PAR30/38 luminaires usually have a narrow beam angle and are therefore ideal for object lighting in commercial or private areas.

G9 LED Light Sources (230V)

G9 LED light sources are space-saving and are suitable as a replacement for G9 halogen lamps. In the assortment, you will find G9 LEDs with warm white or neutral white color temperature and an opal cover.

GX53 LED Light Sources (230V)

GX53 LED light sources have a wide round shape but a height of less than 3 cm. Due to these properties, GX53 luminaires can be optimally used as recessed luminaires. A beam angle of 120° and the milky surface are suitable for achieving pleasant general lighting.

R7 LED Light Sources (230V)

The R7 LED light sources are so-called stick lamps with contacts on both sides and can be used with clip-on sockets. R7 LED light sources are the optimal replacement for halogen or discharge lamps used, for example, in ceiling floodlights.

AR111-ES111 LED Light Sources (12V or 230V)

The AR111 or ES111 light sources both have a reflector dimension of 111 mm. The AR111 light source is designed for a G53 socket and is a good replacement for low-voltage halogen lamps. The ES111 light source, also called QRB111, is designed for a GU10 socket and replaces high-voltage halogen lamps. In the ISOLED® LED Recessed Luminaire category "LED AR111 Spots and Frames," you will find more AR111 luminaires that are delivered with a plug-in transformer and are specially designed for the lighting of food, such as bread, fruit, vegetables, red and white meat.

E40 LED Light Sources (230V)

Our E40 LED light sources have an E27 base and are delivered with an adapter (for E27 to E40). E40 LED light sources have a beam angle of 360° and, depending on the wattage, a light output of 3090 lumens (23 watts), 5780 lumens (44 watts), and 8640 lumens (66W). E40 LED light sources are very bright, which is why they are less common in private living areas. They are better suited for illuminating larger areas and spaces, such as halls, stages, or outdoor areas.

ISOLED® is the partner for trade, industry, and crafts. We are happy to advise you and find the right LED light source for your project. Contact us!

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