LED ceiling surface mounted lights

LED Surface-Mounted Ceiling Lights: Flexibility in Form and Function

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LED Ceiling Lights and Surface-Mounted Ceiling Lights - High Quality and Timeless Design

In the ISOLED® range, you will find large, small, round, angular, or even particularly flat ceiling lights as well as narrow LED surface-mounted ceiling lights (e.g., for GU10 spots). Whether ceiling lights with motion detectors or ceiling lights for indirect lighting - LED ceiling lights from ISOLED® are perfect for lighting living rooms, bedrooms, corridors, doctors' surgeries, meeting rooms, or offices.

PRO LED Ceiling Light - Dimmable Ceiling Light with Colour Switch

Thanks to the color switch, the PRO LED ceiling light can be set between cool white, neutral white, and warm white - once the color temperature has been changed, the ceiling light can be easily installed with a twisting movement. The LED ceiling light is available round and square in black or white with a diameter (or side length for the square version) of 120mm, 170mm, 225mm, 300mm, and 500mm (height 40mm). Whether at the workplace in the office or in the home office: the PRO LED ceiling light promises clear ambient lighting with a modern design. A DALI upgrade is now also available for this product. TRIAC dimmable products such as this ceiling light can therefore be conveniently and inexpensively controlled via DALI with our upstream DALI trailing edge phase cut-off dimmer. (Art. no.: 115807)

We also offer other round LED ceiling lights in black and white with a diameter of 400, 600, or 1000mm.

Ultra-flat LED Ceiling Light with Up & Down Lighting

The particularly flat Slim LED ceiling light can be used discreetly and also provides the effect of indirect lighting thanks to its up & down lighting. Thanks to their IP44 protection rating, the flat LED ceiling lights are also ideal for use in the bathroom. The angular Slim ceiling light is available in white/black and optionally with a PIR motion/light sensor - so the light is switched on automatically when you enter the room. The ceiling lamp is supplied with an ultra-flat transformer integrated into the luminaire housing. The motion detector has a detection distance of 3-4m.

LED Surface-Mounted Ceiling Light for Indirect Lighting

The LUNA LED surface-mounted luminaire series offers a complete surface-mounted luminaire including transformer with a white housing, which can be used to create very special lighting accents using indirect light. The luminaire is available with 8W, 12W, 15W, 18W in neutral white and warm white color temperatures and in various sizes. The LUNA series for indirect lighting includes not only surface-mounted LED luminaires but also plug-in recessed luminaires and LED downlights.

LED Ceiling/Wall Lights - Universally Applicable

Our round or square LED ceiling/wall lights can be used as surface-mounted ceiling lights or wall lights as required. The LED ceiling/wall lights are available with or without ColorSwitch. Thanks to the IP54 protection rating, the light can also be used in the bathroom. The HF motion sensor has a detection range of 8 meters.

All-Rounder - Variable Recessed Luminaire or Ultra-Flat Surface-Mounted Luminaire - ColorSwitch

The LED surface-mounted/recessed luminaire Slim Flex series is an all-rounder thanks to its selected features:

  • Adjustable spring clips as recessed light for variable hole cut-outs from 55 to 250mm
  • Mounting bracket and drill holes for surface-mounted version
  • Integrated driver
  • Cover in black, white, brushed nickel
  • ColorSwitch for 3000K | 3500K | 4000K - select desired colour temperature before installation
  • Variants in 140mm diameter to 290mm diameter - 15mm narrow luminaire

You will also find the following in our LED surface-mounted ceiling light range:

  • LED ceiling spotlights 2,3,4 or 6 flames excl. GU10 light source
  • LED surface-mounted ceiling lights with IP65 protection rating for GU10 light sources
  • Linear louvre surface-mounted luminaires with color switch - Ideal for use as pendant luminaires
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