LED surface mounted lights

LED Surface-Mounted Lights: Technology and Design in Perfection

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Surface-Mounted LED Lights - a Large Range Full of Design Variety and Sophisticated Functionality

Surface-mounted luminaires are luminaires that do not disappear into the ceiling or wall but are deliberately visible, becoming a design element in offices, kitchens, living rooms, or hotel lobbies. A major advantage is that they are easy to install and do not damage the building fabric. For example, it may not be possible to cut out holes in a rented flat or the construction method may not allow the installation of lighting elements - this is where surface-mounted LED luminaires come into their own.

What is the difference between surface-mounted LED lights, surface-mounted ceiling lights, and ceiling lights?

The terminology differs depending on the manufacturer and supplier. Surface-mounted LED luminaires can be understood as the generic term for surface-mounted LED ceiling and wall luminaires. LED ceiling lights usually refer to typically round or square panels that can be used as ambient lighting. LED surface-mounted ceiling luminaires, on the other hand, tend to be longer but smaller luminaires, e.g. with a GU10 socket, which can be used as spot accent lighting or as ambient lighting, for example. Examples include multi-flame and/or swivelling ceiling spotlights.

Ceiling Fan with Light

A cool breeze combined with pleasant light: this is provided by ceiling fans with LED lighting. They can be positioned in the centre of the room or at a desired location. ISOLED® has two different fan models on offer. Firstly, the three-bladed LED ceiling fan with three intensity levels including remote control and a diameter of almost half a metre, and secondly a version with five blades and a diameter of 1320 mm and without included light sources. This means that E14 light sources can be selected according to your own requirements.

LED Surface-Mounted Ceiling Lights - Huge Range for Ambient and Accent Lighting

  • LED ceiling light PRO - dimmable with Colorswitch
  • LED ceiling lights with a diameter of up to 1000mm
  • Very flat LED ceiling lights with UP&Down lighting and optional motion detector
  • Surface-mounted LUNA series for indirect lighting
  • Universally applicable LED ceiling/wall lights with color switch and motion sensor.

LED Surface-Mounted Wall Lights for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Our LED surface-mounted wall lights can be used universally - as ambient or accent lighting as well as indoors or outdoors. The stainless steel IP44 LED wall light with PIR motion sensor, for example, is ideal for illuminating a path along a house wall. Our wall lights with switch in black and white, excl. GU10 socket, which can be used as a reading lamp, for example, can be used in a completely different way.

The many wall lights with different shapes and UP&Down lighting can be used in particularly creative ways. The LED wall lights with IP-54 protection rating are ideal for use as accent lighting on exterior walls. Others, on the other hand, are better suited as wall lighting in corridors of company buildings, hotels, or restaurants thanks to their modern design.

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