LED recessed and surface mounted lights

LED Recessed and Surface-Mounted Lights: Where Design Meets Functionality

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ISOLED® Range of Recessed LED Luminaires, Surface-Mounted LED Luminaires, and Plasterboard Luminaires

With the ISOLED® range of recessed LED luminaires, surface-mounted LED luminaires, and plasterboard luminaires, we meet every requirement for a lasting LED lighting solution in terms of quality, price-performance ratio, design variety, energy efficiency, luminous intensity, and colour rendering. Harmonious living room lighting, staged showroom lighting, activating and motivating workplace lighting, functional business cell lighting, relaxing wellness lighting... - the list of LED lighting concepts that can be realized with the high-quality LED luminaire range from ISOLED® is endless. You will find LED ceiling lights that are dimmable, downlights, plaster wall lights, bollard lights, recessed floor spotlights, LED light strips for outdoor areas, and much more.

Recessed LED spotlights and LED spots are very flexible and versatile. They are ideal for use as general room lighting or as accent lighting. The ISOLED® product range in this product category includes a very diverse range of designs, materials (chrome, brass, aluminum, stainless steel), colors, and functionalities (such as swiveling light sources).

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