LED AR111 spotlighs and frames

AR111 Spotlights: LED Technology for Optimal Food Lighting

AR11 Spotlights and Frames for Food Lighting

In order to present the quality of foodstuffs to customers in an even more appealing way, we offer specially designed LED lights and illuminants. These are equipped with LED chips whose emitted colour spectrum is dominated by deliberately defined wavelengths. This means that selected colour pigments of the illuminated food are highlighted by the light generated. The natural colours of the products are perceived as more vivid by the human eye.

The light from our LED lights and illuminants neither changes the quality of the food nor manipulates the consumer. The light merely emphasizes the naturalness of the product, highlights the corresponding colour pigments and increases the attractiveness for human perception. The AR111 spotlights can be used to illuminate:

  • Meat and sausage products with a dominant wavelength of 595nm
  • Meat products with a dominant wavelength of 603nm
  • Bakeries and bread display cases with a dominant wavelength of 586nm
  • Fruit and vegetables with a dominant wavelength of 582nm

The frames are available in single, double, or triple, swivelling and recessed versions.

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