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LED Recessed Lights: Diversity in Design and Function

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LED Recessed Lighting Range with Over 260 Articles

Recessed LED lights from ISOLED® are high-quality and, depending on the area of application, a discreet or eye-catching design element - ideal spot lighting for shops, shops, meeting rooms, canteens, exhibitions, corridors, hotels, living rooms, and many other application scenarios. Our LED recessed luminaire range includes over 260 items - from recessed ceiling spotlights with a 68 mm hole cut-out to recessed LED wall luminaires for outdoor use or LED recessed floor spotlights or light strips that can be driven over.

LED Recessed Spotlights for 68 mm Hole Cut-out in a Wide Variety of Designs

For the widely used hole size of 68mm, we offer LED recessed spotlights, LED recessed ceiling spotlights, and recessed wall lights for indoor and outdoor areas such as stairs, driveways, corridors, etc. The LED recessed frames for GU10/MR16 light sources and the GU10 bases with glass lenses can be combined with round or square aluminium covers in white, black, nickel, gold, chrome or stainless steel.

SLIM68 - LED Recessed Ceiling Lights 68mm Hole Cut-out

The particularly flat recessed lights in the SLIM68 series leave nothing to be desired:

  • Round or square cover in black, white or brushed aluminium
  • 24V DC ready to plug in or 230V AC
  • Dimmable / Sunset Dimm-to-warm / CCT white dynamic
  • Swivelling +/- 22.5°
  • 850 or 960 lumens
  • Large dimming range 10-100% or 1800 - 2800K
  • High colour rendering index CRI ra >92

The SLIM68 has excellent flicker-free and noiseless dimming and can be used as modern spot lighting in many areas thanks to its high-quality powder coating. The SLIM68 Sunset with 230V nominal voltage behaves similarly to an incandescent bulb or halogen spotlight by dimming to warm. When the brightness is reduced, the colour temperature shifts from a warm white 2800K down to 1800K at 10% brightness, creating a pleasant candlelight atmosphere.

SYS-WALL68 - LED Recessed Wall Luminaires

The SYS-WALL68 range from ISOLED® consists of plug-in LED recessed wall luminaires for indoor and outdoor use. The colour temperature of the recessed lights can be changed between 3000, 4000 and 6000 Kelvin for the 230V AC version using a colour switch. Thanks to the IP44 protection rating, the recessed wall light is splash-proof and can be used as atmospheric LED lighting for steps and patios outdoors, for example. The LED recessed wall lights can be installed in a solid wall using the plaster box supplied or screwed into a cavity wall or fixed using installation springs.

LED SYS-90 Recessed Spotlight

Recessed spotlight with a 90mm hole cut-out, 24V DC ready to plug in or 230 AC with round or square covers in black, matt chrome or white. Particularly suitable for interior lighting in living rooms, hallways, kitchens, bedrooms, etc.

LED Recessed Ceiling Spotlights

We offer you a wide range of over 60 LED recessed ceiling spotlights, many with a hole cut-out of 68mm. For very special effect lighting, you will also find LED recessed ceiling spotlights with RGB+W LED spots and recessed spotlights for SUNSET dimming, or recessed ceiling spotlights with COB spots (chip-on-board). You will also find recessed LED louvre luminaires, which are used particularly in industrial and commercial applications as recessed office ceiling luminaires.

LED Downlights - Variable, Round, or Square Hole Cut-outs

Our downlights are particularly flat LED recessed luminaires. The LED downlights Flex can be used variably in a hole cut-out between 50-100 mm. Our LED downlights for round hole cut-outs are ultra-flat and can be used for a wide range of hole dimensions up to 285 mm. We also offer swivelling shop downlights for optimum object lighting and prismatic downlights with UGR<19, which are perfect for use as LED office lighting. We also offer flat LED downlights for square hole cut-outs with hole dimensions of 135, 177, and 180 mm. And don't forget the LED downlight reflectors, dimmable and with colour switch function.

Installation Frame MR16/GU10/GU5.3 - Great Design Variety

MR16, GU10 or GU5.3 LED light sources can be optimally used as recessed LED luminaires in combination with the right installation frame. The advantage is that you can easily change the light source. Many of the installation frames enable swivelling use and can be used for a hole size of 53mm to 80mm.

LED AR111 Spotlights and Frames for Food Lighting

Our LED AR111 spotlights are ideal for illuminating foodstuffs to present the natural colours of your foodstuffs in the best possible way. The presentation is not manipulated, but the natural colour of the product is highlighted, depending on whether it is meat, fish, or bread.

Walkable LED In-Ground Spotlights and LED Batten Luminaires for Outdoor Use

Our LED in-ground spotlights with a stainless steel surface and IP67 protection rating can be walked on and are therefore ideal for outdoor use for orientation or accent lighting. The LED light strips that can be driven over are available with RGB or white dynamic lighting and can be used, for example, as orientation lighting in the car park in front of a detached house or in your company for very special effects.

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