Refurbishment and conversion

LED Refurbishment: Upgrading to Modern LED Technology



ISOLED® retrofits
for you

Luminaire receives new 
ISOLED® type plate


ISOLED® helps with the implementation!

Use the refurbishment service of ISOLED® and send us your lamps for refurbishment. We guarantee that your lamps will function reliably and will be equipped with the latest LED technology.

5 years guaranteed quality from ISOLED®

Increase efficiency & save costs

Improve light quality & conserve resources

Converting to LED - The time is ripe for better light

A solution for every luminaire

We offer a wide range of options when it comes to replacing your old lights with LED. 

Top technical advice

Our experts will be happy to support you quickly and competently in the implementation of your lighting renovation. 

More light for less money

In many cases, switching to LED is eligible for federal, state or local funding. 

Tube replacement - replacing fluorescent tubes with ISOLED® conversion boards

Old fluorescent tubes can be replaced quickly and easily with our ISOLED conversion boards. This provides you with an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and long-lasting lighting solution.

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Tube replacement made easy with ISOLED® conversion boards

Give your old fluorescent tubes an upgrade and experience an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and long-lasting lighting solution.


Especially in old buildings and with high-quality luminaires, it is often advisable to convert older lighting systems to LEDs. ISOLED® is at your side to preserve existing luminaires.

  • Guaranteed quality: With LED refurbishment from ISOLED, you can rely on the safe and long-lasting function of your luminaires.
  • Preserving what's good: High-quality luminaire bodies deserve to be preserved. We equip existing systems with state-of-the-art LED technology.
  • Efficient and sustainable: LEDs not only enable energy savings but also offer a long-lasting alternative to conventional light sources.

LED refurbishment - more than just a switch to LEDs

Switching to LEDs does not necessarily mean replacing the entire luminaire. In many cases, the focus is on refurbishment to preserve older luminaire bodies without having to intervene in the building fabric.

LED conversion: high time for improved light!

The lighting technology in many companies, warehouses, and old buildings often dates back decades. With the final phase-out of fluorescent lamps in August 2023, now is the perfect opportunity to switch to LED lighting.

A solution for every luminaire: We present you with a comprehensive selection of options for a smooth switch from old luminaires to efficient LED light sources.

Top specialist advice: Our experts will support you competently and quickly with the implementation of your lighting refurbishment.

More light for less money: In many cases, the switch to LED is subsidized by the federal government, federal state, or local authority. The ban on fluorescent tubes in 2023 is a further incentive to switch to LED now!

Why switch to LED?

The reasons for switching to LEDs are convincing: they are not only more energy-efficient and cost-effective to operate but also more durable and sustainable. In addition to being economical, LED lighting significantly improves lighting conditions and promotes safety, well-being, and productivity. The flexibility of LEDs also enables a wide range of lighting solutions.

ISOLED quality with a 5-year guarantee:

  • Increase efficiency & save costs
  • Improve lighting quality & conserve resources

Product selection: Choose the ideal LED replacement for your application from over 30 products, whether with powerswitch, colour switch, ammonia-resistant, or impact and shock-resistant.

LED conversion solutions:

  • LED conversion board for downlights and luminaires without drilling or screws
  • LED high-bay luminaires linkable up to 600 W/64,000 Lm
  • Customised LED batten luminaires according to your specifications
  • Linear luminaires as the perfect replacement for louvre luminaires
    • Only 140 mm wide, ideal as a surface-mounted version
    • Reduced glare with prismatic surface
    • Can be connected linearly, 3-pole through-wiring, with integrated ColourSwitch (3000|4000|5700K)

Take the opportunity to convert to LED now and experience the benefits of modern lighting technology!

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