LED emergency light/escape route luminaires

LED emergency lighting and escape route luminaires for your building safety

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LED Escape Route Luminaires According to Standard for Trade and Industry

The lighting of escape and rescue routes is regulated in the European standards EN 50172:2005 and EN 1838:2019. Among other things, these stipulate that escape route luminaires must be positioned at least two metres above the floor and be visible on both sides. Furthermore, exit doors, stairs, changes in height or direction, first aid boxes, and fire alarm points must not be more than two metres away from the LED escape route luminaires. In addition, minimum illuminance levels and the ratio between minimum and maximum illuminance levels must be observed to avoid confusion in the event of an emergency.

LED Escape Route Luminaires with Rechargeable Battery and Automatic Function Check

The ISOLED® range includes two LED escape route luminaires (UNI4 and UNI7) that provide three hours of emergency lighting, have an integrated battery, and automatically perform a function test once a year. Thanks to IP65 protection, the LED escape route luminaires are also protected against splash water.

LED Linear Luminaires/Beam Luminaires with Integrated Rechargeable Battery

Two of our linear luminaires that are used as basic lighting in offices, halls, or corridors are also equipped with an emergency lighting function. An integrated rechargeable battery ensures basic lighting in an emergency. The LED linear light Professional (item no.: 113565) enables rechargeable battery operation with 600 lumens for three hours. After 300 charging cycles, the battery capacity is still 80% (=300 power failures).

LED Emergency Power Battery Module for LED Panels - LED Office Lighting in an Emergency

The emergency power battery module 200-240V AC | 15W IP20 (item no.: 114377) is a plug-in and ready-to-connect module that can be used in combination with the Business, Professional, UGR<16, and DECO-Line panels. The ISOLED® panels can therefore be operated for a period of three hours in an emergency.

ISOLED® is the Partner for Trade, Industry, and Crafts. If you have any questions about LED escape route luminaires and emergency lighting, please contact us - we will be happy to advise you!

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