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Innovative LED Lights with Integrated Battery for Emergency and Exit Lighting

  LED emergency light/escape route luminaires

LED Emergency Lighting - Safety in an Emergency According to the Standard

If the power fails in an emergency, it must be possible for everyone present to leave the building safely. There are clear legal requirements regarding the lighting requirements and labeling of escape and rescue routes - regulated in the European standards EN 50172:2005 and EN 1838:2019. The main guidelines are as follows:

  • Place escape route luminaires at least 2m above the floor. (visible from both sides)
  • The escape route luminaire must be less than 2m away from the exit doors used in an emergency.
  • The escape route luminaire must be less than 2 metres away from stairs and changes in height or direction.
  • Escape signs must be illuminated in an emergency.
  • Emergency lighting must be no more than 2 metres from any first aid box or fire alarm point.
  • A minimum illuminance of 1 lux on the floor of escape and rescue routes must be guaranteed.
  • The ratio of maximum to minimum illuminance must be less than 40:1.
  • At machines and places with special hazards, 15 lux or a ratio of less than 10:1 applies.

Experts should be consulted when planning emergency lighting to ensure compliance with all standards. We will be happy to put you in touch with a partner in your area.

Escape Route Luminaires - 3-Hour Emergency Operation and Auto-Test Function

The UNI4 and UNI7 LED emergency light/escape route luminaires from ISOLED® are suitable for signposting escape routes in accordance with ÖVE810. The two escape route luminaires have a recognition range of 20 and 18 metres respectively. Four stick-on escape route signs are supplied, with arrows pointing down/up/right/left. The integrated battery enables emergency operation for three hours.

In addition, the LED emergency lights automatically perform a self-test once a year and once 36 hours after installation. This saves you time-consuming periodic function checks, which are often forgotten. However, you can carry out manual tests at any time by pressing the integrated test button.

In the ISOLED® range, you will find other products that can be used for emergency lighting - for example, bar lights with an integrated rechargeable battery, which can therefore be used as general ambient lighting and also provide sufficient light in an emergency. We also offer emergency power battery modules that can be combined with our LED panels in the office ready to plug in - so you have sufficient lighting even in an emergency. Contact us - we will be happy to advise you!

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