LED SYS-90 recessed spots

LED SYS-90: Recessed Spotlights for Modern Lighting Concepts

LED SYS-90 recessed spots
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Ultra-flat LED Recessed Spotlight for 90 mm Hole Size

These recessed LED spotlights have been designed for a hole cut-out of 90 mm. Depending on the model, the colour temperature of the white dynamic recessed spotlight can be set via dipswitch or DALI scene. They can also be dimmed via push or DALI DT8. The ultra-flat 24 V LED recessed spotlight is supplied with a 1500 mm MiniAMP plug-in cable and is available dimmable in 3000 or 4000 Kelvin colour temperature. The LED SYS-90 recessed spotlights (hole size 90 mm) can be combined with seven different covers.

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