LED recessed wall lights

LED Wall Recessed Lights SYS-WALL68: Quality and Design for Interior Spaces

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LED Recessed Wall Lights - Outdoor Lighting, Staircase Lighting with Motion Detector

We offer LED recessed wall lights that can be used to illuminate stairs, corridors, terraces, or even the garden. The LED recessed wall lights are available in a 230 V AC or 24 V DC plug-in version. The SYS-WALL68 series can either be installed in a solid wall with an included flush-mounted box (hole cut-out 72mm, depth 67mm), screwed directly into cavity walls with a hole cut-out of 59mm, or fixed using installation clips. There is a choice of 13 different covers in round, square, black, white, and silver. In the 230 V version, a color switch can be used to switch between cold white, neutral white, and warm white. The SYS-WALL68 range can optionally be switched with a motion detector.

The range also includes a new LED recessed wall light with an integrated PIR motion sensor. Three white and three black covers are available for different beam angles. The integrated motion sensor allows the staircase lighting to react in stages, creating a very special effect.

We also offer LED recessed wall luminaires with an IP65 protection rating, making them perfect for outdoor staircase lighting. You will also find LED recessed wall lights with an integrated motion sensor.

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